1970: Company foundation and development of modern guidelines and device types

Centrifugal atomiser for ceiling suspension

1970 Rolf Meier and Ullrich Hoehler Rolf Meier and Ullrich Hoehler founded the company Lufttechnischer Apparatebau. They envisioned that precisely adjustable air humidification would be a great advantage to lots of industry sectors and they consequently decided to develop their technology further. Amongst the first units in their product range were centrifugal atomisers, which were primarily suited to greenhouses and warehouses.

1971 Just one year later, these highly-efficient and inexpensive systems were exported to France, Japan and Spain.

1973 Shortly after the company's foundation, sustainability guidelines were drawn-up, which were far ahead of their time and remain authoritative and distinguishing even today. The newly developed electrode steam humidifier product lines were to have a longer service life, cost saving and with an additional environmental benefit. Accordingly, a new cylinder type was developed to replace the disposable cylinders, which could be easily cleaned by the customer for reuse.

1974 This year saw the introduction of another unit, which could be operated practically free from any maintenance requirement. The heater element steam humidifier works with distilled water, which means that hardly any hardeners can collect in the cylinder.

1977 The company was renamed. Henceforth, the company was to be known as HygroMatik and was entered in the company register under this name. The shorter name now underlines the central business concept within a single and catchy word.

1980: Globalisation and standardisation of the business processes

Eberhard Langheld and Rolf Meier

1988 HygroMatik becomes part of the SpiraxSarco Group. This successful English plc is involved worldwide in the treatment of process steam and thus the takeover offered excellent synergies, which would also benefit the customers.

1988 Eberhard Langheld assumed leadership of the HygroMatik board. He further extended the product range and increased the company's international focus.

1995 HygroMatik's production and business processes were audited according to the stringent, international ISO standards for globally active companies. Since this point in time HygroMatik has been DIN ISO 9001 certified and regularly undergoes the inspections necessary to achieve this standard.

1997 Fully in line with its sustainable product philosophy, a special dirty water blowdown pump was developed. The SuperFlush not only extends cylinder service intervals, it also ensures that the units are less prone to faults or breakdowns.

1990: Expansion of customer service and customer focus


1997 At a time when other companies were starting to outsource their customer communications to call centres, HygroMatik decided on qualified service and set up a hotline allowing the customer to talk directly to an expert or to an engineer.

1999 The company's growth meant that the buildings also needed to be enlarged. The head office increased in size and moved to Henstedt-Ulzburg close to Hamburg. The enlarged, modern premises, resulted in a greater product availability for the customers.

2002 HygroMatik was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, the extended, customer and process-orientated standard. More than ever the customer and customer satisfaction form the focus of self-imposed auditing.

2005 Maike Nielsen assumed leadership of the HygroMatik board. Maike Nielsen has been loyal to the company and involved with the market since 1988 by travelling on behalf of the customers. Under her leadership, products, processes and, in particular customer service, were further optimised. Consequently they became an important part of HygroMatik's expanded quality policy.

2000: Expansion of the business portfolio to include the spa and wellness sector

VortexSteam for decreased absorption distances

1995 The following years saw the complete revision of the main device types: atomisers, electrode and heater element steam humidifiers. New units were created in all three categories. Amongst the electrode steam humidifiers this included the CompactLine (1995), HyLine (1996) and MiniSteam (1997). Amongst the heater element steam humidifiers this included the HeaterLine (2005), HeaterCompact (2009), HeaterSlim (2013) and amongst the pressurized steam systems, the compact steam injection humidifier (DDS, 1995) and amongst the adiabatic systems the high- and low pressure systems (HPS, 2008 / LPS 2010), as well as the velocity modules (VortexSteam, 2007).

2005 HygroMatik created a further foothold in Spa industry. Our experience in the air humidification sector was now deployed in the production of steam bath generators.

2010: Energy efficiency and sustainability will be even more important in the future

Dirc Menssing and Maike Nielsen

2010 HygroMatik's 40th anniversary. For forty years, success and constant growth have been the order of the day for HygroMatik thanks to its tradition of user-orientated thinking. The success of the company is based on constant development and improvement of new and existing products plus the company's cost, service and waste reducing concept.

2011 Dirc Menssing, Technical Manager/ Quality Management, becomes the new managing director. Dirc Menssing has been with HygroMatik since 2000.