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Welcome to HygroMatik “We humidify the air”. This has been our specialty for more than forty years. Our knowledge and experience flows constantly into our product development for controlled air humidification. We provide the right solution for your humidification objectives worldwide.

HVAC Products

Dry air removes moisture from its surroundings. This can harm humans, animals, plants, materials and processes.

HygroMatik air humidifiers for commercial and private use protect individual health and air quality.

HVAC Products

Spa Products

HygroMatik steam bath generators supply your spa area with pure, hygienic steam, both reliably and in a precisely adjustable manner.

Whether for a commercial spa or private use, you'll find we have the right unit and competent advice.

Spa Products

Humidity and its Impact on Human Comfort

Andie Chessun, Humidity Group Chairman, presented the white paper at the ACR Show in Birmingham.

White paper